You & Us does… winter theming

As much as we hate the dark nights and shorter days, there’s nothing we love more than the Winter party season. Below we’ve explored some of our current favorite trends, so read on if you have an upcoming event that requires some Winter theming inspiration.


This Winter season, it’s time to move away from the cool tones of white and ice blue and bring in warmer, natural tones. Think ski chalet! This decor is wintery, cozy and chic. Rustic wood tables make a great foundation for this event theme. Set them with wrought iron lanterns, pine cones and sprigs of greenery and snowberries. Team this with faux fur wraps on seats or pendleton-inspired cushions. 

Create a forest feel by lining the room with living trees hung with candle lit lanterns and hang antler chandeliers to finish off this look.

You can also incorporate a wooden fronted bar area with large barrels as an on-theme alternative to poseur tables. 

Winter Themed Event Decor

Sticking with the comforting, apres ski theme, one of our favourites this Winter is bowls of steaming hot stew with crusty baguettes. Alternatively, for a more interactive dining experience, we love fondue – cheese, meat, potato and bread will create a delicious warming Winter menu.

Sweet stations, such as s’mores bars, chocolate fountains or waffle/crepe vans, are a great addition for any Winter themed event.

Warm guests up with spiced alcoholic drinks, spiked hot chocolates or themed cocktails. 

Winter Themed Event Food

Light and fire shows are perfect for a Winter themed event. Depending on the size and type of the event, this could range from individual fire performers to a show stopping fireworks display. 

This Winter, we’re all about interactive food experiences. Vapour orbs, where cocktails are inhaled in the form of dry ice, or self service garnish bars are two of our favourites. 

Alternatively, you may choose to stick with the apres theme and bring in a light hearted and fun Bavarian Oompah band or a more upbeat DJ to bring a taste of the slopes to your event. 

Winter Themed Event Entertainment

Hopefully this has provided you with some inspiration for your upcoming Winter themed events. If you liked this article, please share it with your network, we’d really appreciate it!