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One thing that can make or break your gala dinner is lighting. And if you have put together an event before, large or small, you know that event lighting is a lot more complicated than it sounds. You need to consider the placement and density of your lights, what colors will be used and if there will be patterns to the lights. But all of this hinges on the purpose and overall aesthetic of your event. 

Check out our tips and tricks to ensure your next event has a stellar lighting setup.  

Uplighting / Wash Lighting 

One of the most versatile lighting techniques, uplighting is the perfect way to set the mood for your event. It is also the ideal complement to other forms of lighting, such as fairy lights or paper lanterns, by providing soft, fill-in light around the room to create an inviting, intimate atmosphere. 

The lights can be wired or wireless, static (single colour) or dynamic (remotely controlled to change colours at different times of day). One of the simplest and most effective methods of changing the mood of a room is to change the colour of the lights, perfect for transforming a room from subtle sophistication to party mode. 

Event Design Lighting Uplighting
Pinspot Lighting

This type of lighting is simple but very effective. It draws your guests’ attention to the table centrepieces or props you have spent time and money on and creates enough light for guests around each table to enjoy their meal. This effect can even convert the dining experience into something really quite special, creating an intimate feel around each table. You can also highlight any other important features of the room. 

Fairy / Festoon Lights 

Fairy and festoon lights are perfect for wow factor lighting and create an exceptional backdrop for stages or photos, while making the most of venue features like exposed beams and high ceilings.

There are lots of ways to use these, including several styles of canopy, swags, backdrops and outdoors. Combine them with paper lanterns, fabric drapes or bunting for some really pretty and unique designs.

Event Design Lighting Fairy Lights
Edison Lights

Edison light bulbs are hanging bulbs with a beautiful, warm amber glow. They are becoming increasingly popular at dinners due to them creating a cool, industrial and vintage atmosphere. They can be hung in a similar fashion to fairy and festoon lights and are also ideal for use in a cluster to highlight a stage, for example. Whichever way they’re hung, they always look stunning. They’re an ideal choice for vintage, rustic and industrial style dinners.

LED or Wax Candles 

From tapers to pillars to votives, candles are a great tool for adding some mood lighting to any space. You can incorporate both types of candles into your event. Wax candles might be the best option for centerpieces, votive cups and other decor out in the open, while LEDs can shine in hanging lanterns, overhead teacups or other spots where a flame isn’t permitted.

Event Design Lighting Candles
Gobo Lights

Gobo lighting works by projecting a pattern or logo on a wall, ceiling, dance floor or other features in a room. It adds dimension, space and visual interest to otherwise boring, flat, everyday items, turning them into amazing pieces of art. It can help to change your venue space to make it your own for your special day. 

Hopefully our tips and tricks helped you gain a better understanding of how to light your next event.

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