Why you should choose Krakow for your next incentive trip

We are always on the lookout for exciting incentive destinations. Born and bred in Poland I couldn’t pass up on the opportunity to do a spotlight on one of my favourite cities in my home country, Krakow. 

One of the top destinations recommended by Lonely Planet and placed firmly on the list of World Heritage sites, Krakow is an easy city to fall in love with. With its bustling market square (the largest medieval Plaza in Europe), spiralling gothic towers, winding alleyways, cobbled streets, a castle and legends of dragons, this medieval city looks like it was taken straight out of a fairy tale! 

Krakow and its surrounding areas offer limitless opportunities for unforgettable incentive programmes. From delicious food, roaring nightlife and fascinating historical sites to outdoor adventures, there are plenty of reasons why Krakow should be on the menu for your next incentive trip. Here are our top picks for your incentive programme. 

Interactive City Tour

See Krakow’s most iconic landmarks in an unconventional, exploratory and often humorous way. Working in groups and equipped with sightseeing instructions and a map of the city, you will be tasked with finding key tourist attractions, such as Wawel Castle, the Church of St. Mary, the Florian Gate and the Jewish quarter of Kazimierz. Travelling by foot, in electric cars or a barge on the Wisla river, you will complete assigned tasks and solve riddles from the past. At each landmark you will be met by professional guides, who will provide information about the given place and give further tasks to complete. And of course there will be plenty of prizes to be won along the way!

Krakow Incentive Trip Destination
Culinary Workshop

This experience starts with a city sightseeing tour. While visiting the key attractions, you will make short stops for coffee and cake in the charming nooks and corners of the city. Delicious apple pie at the Krakow Market Square, extraordinary coffee in a garden cafe at the Synagogue and the classic W-Z cake in a stylish cafe in Nowa Huta will whet your appetite for further exploration of the region’s cuisine. After the sightseeing, it’s time for dinner which you will prepare yourself. You will learn about traditional Polish cuisine, take part in some healthy competition with your colleagues and enjoy the fruits of your hard labour in a shared meal. 

Discover Wieliczka Salt Mine

On the outskirts of Krakow is the world famous Wieliczka Salt Mine. Its labyrinth of tunnels, underground turquoise lakes and corridors, chambers, sculptures, reliefs, stairs and entire chapels, all hand carved in salt, make it a unique monument of medieval European industrial culture. In fact, Wieliczka is also a UNESCO World Heritage site. Its impressive and picturesque underground consists of nearly 300 km of galleries and 3000 chambers. Visit the famous salt mine, enjoy a concert by the Miners Brass Band and a dinner in the charming chamber Haluszka located 135 metres below the ground.

Wieliczka Salt Mine Incentive Programme
Pilgrimage to Auschwitz 

About one hour’s drive from Krakow there is the small town of Oswiecim, better known throughout the world by the German name of Auschwitz. The largest of the Nazi concentration camps, it is now a place of remembrance and a museum which is included in the UNESCO World Heritage list. It is a must see location while visiting the city of Krakow!

Tour the Tatra Mountains

Zakopane, home of the smallest high peaks in the world and a huge centre for winter sports, is the perfect destination for a one day-trip from Krakow. Enjoy a visit to the Pieniny mountain range and an unforgettable raft ride down the Dunajec river, which meanders through a narrow, two-hundred metre deep gorge among picturesque rock formations. Next visit Zakopane and discover this picturesque town, followed by an excursion to the Gubalówka summit by a funicular, where you can admire the views of the Tatra mountains. End the day with a folklore dinner accompanied by a traditional music and dance show. The fascinating highlander culture of this region, famous for its expressive music and dance, as well as its original wooden architecture will make your stay in the Tatra mountains an unforgettable experience.

Zakopane International Events Planning
Water Frenzy 

Perfect for enthusiasts of extreme adventures, you will travel down the mountain river on pontoons, kayaks and hydrospeeds. Rafting on the turbulent waves is accompanied by the merry atmosphere of a family picnic. At the end of the day, you will enjoy a common feast at a bonfire with the sounds of a folk music by a local band.

The Cave Adventure

If you enjoy adrenaline fueled experiences and are up for a physical challenge, then the cave adventure will be perfect for you. Split into small groups, you will go on an expedition of the Wierzchowska Gorna Cave, the largest cave in the Krakow−Czestochowa highlands. Abseiling, climbing, swinging, rope bridge and tyrolean crossing are just some of the tasks to be completed. Following the extreme sports, you will meet with the Neolithic primitive man and hear stories about his prehistory and the usage of caves during the middle Neolithic period. The experience will conclude with a feast in the “At the Hanging Rock” room to help you let off some steam and share the experiences from the day. 

This is just a sample of what this unique destination has to offer for incentive programmes. If you would like to find out more, get in touch. Our team would love to help you plan your next event. Call us on 0114 400 0074 or email [email protected].