Virtual event ideas for 2020

The big C word is on everyone’s minds right now. The pandemic is directly impacting events around the globe, with many forced to cancel / postpone. This is a very uncertain time for the events industry, but where there is struggle, there is opportunity. If you can’t get people to come to your event, bring the event to them. Virtual events, although can’t replace in-person contact, can be quite powerful, scale to thousands of attendees and may just be the solution for your events over the next few months. We’ve put together a list of virtual event ideas to provide some inspiration.

Virtual Conference

Taking your conference online couldn’t be easier with all of the event tech currently available to event planners. Whether you want to run a traditional webinar or live-stream your speakers, there are solutions available to make this possible. And your virtual conference can be more interactive than you may think. Online group discussions and break out sessions, networking, Q&A’s and polling can easily be incorporated into your virtual event. Just remember to provide your attendees with plenty of time and guidance on how to set up and use your event technology for the optimum experience. 

Virtual Trade Show

Promote your business, products and services to a global audience in a virtual environment. Technology such as vFAIRS allows your guests to easily navigate the virtual space, browse virtual booths and have a near-physical trade show experience. You can leverage the flexible virtual space to customise exhibitor booths, offer on-demand content, provide chat forums and perform online transactions for optimal engagement.

Virtual Product Launch

Present your new product in style by hosting a virtual launch event. With the help of interactive online tools, you can comprehensively educate your attendees about your new product and get the conversation going with features like chat forums, webinars, polls and videos available on-demand. If suitable, you can send product samples to attendees for an additional level of engagement. 

Virtual Show / Entertainment

Take a live entertainment show online with a live-stream. If stars such as Coldplay and John Legend can live-stream their gigs, so can you. Music performances, comedians, magicians… attendees can enjoy the live show from the comfort of their home. And if you prefer something more interactive, why not run a quiz night or a game of bingo. If you are planning an event for a local audience, you can work with food and drink suppliers to provide home delivery services for the virtual event.

Virtual Cooking Class

Master your cooking skills from the comfort of your own kitchen. Led by a professional chef in a live-stream cooking class, participants will experience mouth-watering food, learn the tips and tricks of the kitchen and gain invaluable culinary knowledge. You can also organise grocery home deliveries ahead of the event to make sure the participants have everything they will need to cook up a storm. 

Other creative activities, such as jewellery and crafts making, will also work great with making kits sent to the attendees ahead of the event. 

Virtual Fitness Class

Fitness classes can be a great way to de-stress during this difficult time. Whether you are after an intensive cardio session or a relaxing yoga/meditation class, livestream fitness events with a professional instructor leading the class will provide a near-gym experience. And how about a healthy post workout snack for the attendees delivered right to their door?

These are just a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing. If you need help with moving your events online or planning an online event, get in touch. The show must go on!