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Unique event giveaway ideas

Since delegates are inundated with free giveaways at nearly every event they go to, you need to make sure you select items they’ll actually want and use.

A lot of event swag ends up in the bin because it’s an afterthought. If you make the event giveaways a part of your planning process, you’ll come up with ideas that attendees will hold on to. Also, remember that ultimately these will reflect your brand, so whether it’s quality or sustainability that you value, make sure this is reflected in your event giveaways. 

We’ve compiled a list of our favourite fun, useful and most importantly unique event giveaway ideas. 

Event survival kit

Think of your event and ask yourself what might your average attendee need during it. Using this approach you can come up with loads of useful ideas e.g. sunglasses for a very sunny event location or an umbrella for a rainy destination. You should also look at what the day of your attendee might look like. If you know your guests will be coming home on a late flight, why not give them energy bars? You can send these out in advance or hand them out on arrival to show your attendees you’ve got their back.

Charitable gift

Attending an event can make you feel more connected to people, so why not let your guests indulge in some giving. You can provide them with an e-gift card before/after the event or give them a physical gift card during the event and let them donate this to a charity of their choice. 


If you aren’t sure whether your swag is good enough and won’t be thrown away after the conference – offer an experience. For example, you could include a voucher for a special VIP part of your event or tickets to an attraction nearby. This works particularly well for event destinations full of attractions like big cities.

Scratch & win games

Let your event attendees try their luck with scratch cards offering special prizes. This is a great way to get people excited about the potential for high-end items, without having to spend your entire budget on a single event. Be sure to advertise all the potential prizes to build anticipation and encourage participation.

Desk plants

If the worst event swag ends up in the trash, the best stuff ends up on your attendee’s desk — where your brand will get exposed to their coworkers. Offering your guests a little greenery will lift your attendees’ spirits. Not to mention, a variety of fun little desk succulents will ensure your event is remembered long after your event has ended. Just be sure to offer plants that come in small boxes so that they can travel easily.

Carry-on cocktail kit 

If you’re unfamiliar, the carry-on cocktail kit is a small tin container with ingredients (like syrups or mixes) and tools (including jiggers and mixing spoons) needed to treat yourself to a single cocktail; all you need to add is the liquor. Choose from champagne cocktail, bloody mary, gin and tonic, margarita, Moscow Mule and so many more. 

Wellness kits 

Offer your attendees a thoughtful kit to pamper themselves. You can fill a branded pouch or bag with small containers of lotion, lip balm, essential oils or candles. Don’t be afraid to invest in quality. Consider premium brands that people don’t often buy for themselves and wouldn’t expect to receive at an event. 

Hopefully this has provided some inspiration. But remember, even if you decide to go with the standard corporate swag, such as office-goods or t-shirts, there are still ways to be more eco-friendly. You can choose organic cotton for your company t-shirts or bamboo pens, pencils, notebooks and event desk organisers. 

If you have an event coming up and need some assistance with your event giveaways, get in touch on 0114 400 0074 or [email protected]