Sustainable Floral Design for Events

As event design and planning specialists, we pride ourselves on creating beautiful events, incorporating gorgeous flowers and decor into each and every event design. Unfortunately, however, those very same one-of-a-kind elements often result in significant waste. In recent years there has been an increased demand for farm to table menus and sustainable branded items, but what about all of those gorgeous flowers that typically get thrown away immediately after the event? We’ve explored some ways you can have your beautiful blooms, whilst keeping your carbon footprint low. 

Locally sourced

Floral arrangements may add a touch of glamour, sophistication and beauty to an event, but they come with significant costs – both economically and environmentally. Ideally we would all pick wild flowers, but unfortunately they are likely to last much less time. One tip is to source your flowers locally from growers who implement sustainable farming practices. The flowers travel less to get to your event, therefore costing you less and reducing the amount of environmental pollution caused by transportation. 

Potted plants 

Worried about what will happen to your blooms after the event? Consider utilising potted plants rather than traditional floral arrangements, which have a shelf life of only a few days. Plants can easily be potted ahead of time in decorative containers that match your event colours and theme. This not only cuts down the environmental cost of fresh flowers, but adds eco-brownie points as these plants can go home with your guests at the end of the event.

Potted Plants Floral Event Decor
Silk or paper flowers

It’s a virtual certainty that bouquets and centerpieces made from paper or silk flowers will feature zero pesticide contaminants. Many of today’s silk flowers are nearly indistinguishable from the real thing with the naked eye. Best of all, they can be used at events for many years to come. Paper flowers, although they require extra time on the front end, allow the craft-inclined event manager the opportunity to custom-select every color and nuance down to the last leaf and petal. 

Dried flowers

One of the most sustainable options is to use dried flowers. They will never die, will retain their vibrancy and look incredible.

Dried Flowers Floral Event Decor
Living walls

Floor to ceiling floral decor has seen a rise in popularity recently. Not only do they add beauty and sophistication to any space, but they also reduce the waste footprint; especially at events where flowers and greenery would usually be discarded after one time use. 

Living Wall Floral Event Decor
Natural displays

If you have reservations about pollen and petals on your tablecloth, consider a simple display of fruit or vegetables to make a bold statement. Use natural and seasonal produce, such as apples, acorns or shells, to theme your decor and centerpieces. 

Hopefully this gives you some guidance on utilising stunning floral event decor in a sustainable way. Get in touch if you have an event coming up that you need some assistance with. Call us on 0114 400 0074 or email [email protected].