Sustainable Event Management

Sustainability Policy

You and Us Events Limited recognise the role we play in contributing to a sustainable future for all. We strongly believe in sustainable event management. We are committed to providing high quality of service, while minimising the negative environmental, economic and social impacts, both of our own company and of the events we organise.

Through implementation of our Sustainability Policy, we intend to maximise the positive environmental, social and economic legacies of our activities and to minimise any negative impacts. To achieve this, sustainability considerations are given equal importance to logistical, creative and financial aspects of our event planning and business practices.

Our commitment

We conduct our event operations with integrity and with regard for the law.

We support and respect the protection of internationally proclaimed human rights and ensure we are not complicit in human rights abuses, including forced, compulsory or child labour. This is enacted through choices made in our products and services procurement.

We ensure responsible use of natural resources and management of waste created.

We include consideration for local ecological protection as well as localised community and environmental impacts. This can include sound and lighting, traffic congestion or other human and event activities.

We ensure issues of heritage and archaeological sensitivity are addressed.

We produce our events with the highest levels of safety.

Through our commitment to sustainability, we aim to leave a lasting impression within the host community, throughout the supply chain and with event attendees.

We ensure timely management reviews of all event sustainability activities and plan for continual improvement.

Sustainable event management in action

The following summarises how sustainability is included in the operational aspects of event production;

We assess the social, economic and environmental impacts at the start of the event planning process.

We aim to source all event products and services from suppliers who are aligned with our sustainability practices.

We require best practice from our suppliers in engaging the most energy efficient infrastructure and materials for our events.

We aim to reduce total energy used, maximise the use of renewable energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

We aim to reduce total waste produced and maximise recovery of waste resources.

We aim to reduce water used and waste water produced.

We aim to reduce greenhouse gas emissions resulting from event related travel and transport.

All products and services procured are the most sustainable options available.

We engage local producers and services.

We think about the wellbeing of our delegates, our suppliers, the local community and any other stakeholders.

We aim to create a positive, stress-free, fulfilling and meaningful event experience for the workers.

We raise awareness of our sustainable event management efforts and share best practice.

Performance measurement

Each event is evaluated and measured on the criteria stated above. Where possible, we offer delegates the opportunity to provide feedback.


We communicate with all clients and suppliers about our sustainable approach to events. Where appropriate, suppliers are required to complete a sustainability assessment.

Monitoring and review

We carry out assessment for event sustainability performance. Sustainability issues are included in the debrief after each event. These reviews are considered in the annual appraisal and reassessment of our Sustainability Policy. Continual improvement is built into performance review and future targets.

Questions, feedback and more information

If you have any questions, feedback or require further information about our Sustainability Policy, please contact us.