Food Design Ideas For Show Stopping Event Experiences

Successful event design is more than just jaw-dropping displays. It is art that can change the mood and atmosphere of the event and facilitate audience engagement. Creative food concepts can be a great way to achieve that by capturing your guests’ excitement and curiosity through engaging their senses. 

So how do you create an unforgettable food and drink event experience? We’ve teamed up with Smith & Sinclair, alcohol and confectionery innovators, to provide you with some inspiring food design ideas that will turn your event into an extraordinary gastronomic experience. 

Edible Bubbles 
Event Food Design Edible Bubbles

Burst your bubble… the right way. The name of this experience says it all, bubbles that you can eat. This instant party starter immediately engages your guests, no matter their age, and transports them to a world of taste, touch, smell and play.

Available in an array of flavours including citrus, chocolate milkshake, pornstar martini, gin, vodka, strawberry, and even Thai curry, this immersive experience will add a layer of joy to any event. 

Vapour Orb
Event Food Design Vapour Orb

The vapour orb is the show stopper for all events. The inhalable cocktail, in the form of a dry ice flavour explosion, removes all traditional ways of serving a cocktail, including swapping taste for scent. Once served a beautiful mist appears from the cocktail pot making it an eye-catching moment for everyone in the room.

It is not only a new way to taste a flavour, which can be pretty much anything you wish, but also a great Instagramable moment. 

Candy Tray
Event Food Design Candy Tray

The world’s first edible cocktail… Alcoholic cocktail gummies are the perfect innovative, no-mess-and- delicious add on for any event. From drinks receptions, conferences, Summer parties, Christmas parties and everything else in-between, the alcoholic cocktail gummies provide a unique food/beverage offering with innovation at the forefront.

Serve as an alternative drink/canapé option, stand alone dispenser, branded pick n mix bags, individual place settings or in goody bags, the options are endless.

Dipper Station
Event Food Design Dipper Station

Enjoy a nostalgic favourite with an adult twist. Guests can be interactive and creative with their garnish choices and enjoy flavours put together by you. Choose your alcoholic gel and sherbet combination and get dipping. 

Perfect for a parting gift for guests to take home, a DIY canape/dessert station or alongside a cocktail bar for that little extra excitement. 

Garnish Bar
Event Food Design Garnish Bar

Add a touch of excitement to a cocktail offering or drinks reception with a garnish bar. This garnish experience offers guests the opportunity to jazz up a glass of Prosecco, G&T, cocktail or mocktail. Get creative by letting your imagination run wild and experiment with an array of garnishes to help add a bit of oomph to your drink.

The garnish bar is the perfect personalised event element guaranteed to heighten your guests interactive experience, whilst providing a great social media moment. 

The Gin Experience 
Event Food Design Gin Experience

This deconstructed G&T is like nothing you have tried before. Forget the glassware, ice and liquids and prepare for a powder, pipet and edible fragrance blend to tingle your taste buds for a cocktail with a difference.

This exploration comes in three stages: 

  1. Eat the botanicals – in powdered form 
  2. Drink the spirit – a fortified liquid fizzed on a spoon 
  3. Breathe the garnish – a choice of edible perfumes 

Deliver this interactive experience as a roaming drinks reception or at a designated station for a  “story-telling moment” for both during and post event. 

The Sherbet Wall
Event Food Design Sherbet Wall

The sherbet wall provides a fun twist on a childhood classic. The four-tube wall can be delivered in any flavour possible, from classics such as strawberry to something slightly more unique or seasonal such as pigs in blankets or red Thai curry. 

The sherbet wall gives your guests the chance to relive their childhood experiences in the local sweetshop and customise their own test tubes or bag of sherbet to taste and take-away with them. This unique, innovative food and take-away element will add a great visual aspect to your event.

Balloon Burst
Event Food Design Balloon Burst

Created to become the ultimate party starter, this experience offers an explosive flavour and glitter moment to scent a space along with a pure social media moment. The balloon plinth is equipped with a selection of flavours and biodegradable confetti/glitter. It is then blown up to a huge three foot stature, thrown in the air and pierced creating an unforgettable moment. 

This experience is perfect for anyone wanting to make some noise and capture a magical moment. 

If you are after something more unique for your brand, bespoke flavours or logo personalisation will add that special little touch to any of these gastronomic experiences. 

Hopefully these provided some inspiration for your upcoming events. If you need help with your events planning, call us on 0114 400 0074 or email [email protected]. Our team would love to help you design your next event.